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3 Tips To Prevent Low Back Pain

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Low Back Pain is one of the most frequent conditions we treat here in Reflex Physiotherapy. These 3 tips can help prevent the onset of Low Back Pain.

#1 Avoid Long Sitting or Standing

Your spine LOVES movement, whether that be bending over, walking, running or rotating. Sitting and standing for long periods has been shown to be a pre disposing factor for low back pain, given the high loads and lack of movement through your lumbar (lower) spine. You should set an alarm to get up and walk around every 30 mins-1 hour.

#2 Partake in Regular Resistance Training

Resistance training has so many benefits including cardiovascular and muscular health as well as preventing the onset of low back pain. By increasing the resilience and strength of the muscles of the lower spine, gluteals and abdomen this can help your body move in a more optimal way and tolerate more load. Resistance training can be done with weights, resistance bands and even your own body weight against gravity.

Advanced strengthening for the lower back. Banded deadlift. Try to keep a neutral spine throughout the movement. Breathe through the lift. We recommend 3 sets of 10 three times a week. As you get stronger you can increase the resistance of the band

#3 Manage Stress Levels in Everyday Life

How general does that sound? Well as simple as it sounds, your stress levels have a massive impact on your physical health and none more so than your lower back pain. Stress can impact the systems in your body that relate to pain and can contribute to the longevity and severity of your lower back pain. Some people go on long walks to help “de-stress”, while some like talking to friends or family. You should manage your stress levels in whatever way you feel best as this will go a long way to help with your lower back pain.

Of course these tips will go a long way to helping with your lower back pain, however if you feel like it’s not getting better make sure to get an assessment to help you get back on track. We provide personalised rehab programs suited directly to you.

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