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3 Tips To Prevent Hip Pain When Running

#1 Increase Hip Mobility

The hip joint is prone to feelings of “stiffness” or “tightness” especially during uphill or long runs. The hip produces movements of flexion (knee your head), extension (putting your leg behind you), adduction (leg across your body), abduction (leg away from body), internal rotation (knee twisting inwards) and external rotation (knee twisting outwards) therefore it’s important that it has adequate mobility to perform all of these movements. If any of these movement ranges are reduced it impacts on the capability of the joint to produce and absorb force during your runs.

#2 Strengthen the Groin

The adductors, or more commonly known as the muscles of the groin, are often injured in sports requiring repeated loading such as running. They are often under appreciated when it comes to strength programmes and are not loaded enough. Increasing the strength of these muscles allows for increased strength and control around the hip which is vital during both continuous running (jogging) and change of direction running (such as in field sports).

#3 Strengthen the Glutes

The glutes are pivotal in the prevention of an abundance of injuries (check out our previous blogs to find out more!) including hip injuries. The glutes produce force through hip extension and abduction; key components of how we produce movement when we run. As with any injury the more strength the muscle has, the more resilience it displays. This increased resilience will help you run for longer and faster with a reduced chance of injury. Exercises such as side planks, hip thrusts and lateral hops are great for building different types of strength in the glutes.

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