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  • Kieran Murray

3 Tips To Prevent Shin Splints

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

#1 Strengthen the Muscles of the Shin

These muscles include your calves and the tibialis anterior. Between these groups of muscles they provide the movement of propulsion during running and tend to take the majority of the load during running. By strengthening these muscles, it helps to increase their resilience which is key in repetitive activities such as running.

Shin splints Prevention - Anterior Tibialis Strengthening. Take a medium strength band, keep your leg straight and curl your foot towards you against the resistance of the band. As you get stronger you can increase the resistance of the band. We recommend 3 sets of 20 3 times a week.

#2 Strengthen the Muscles of the Foot

Your feet play a massive role in producing and absorbing force, especially during running. When they become fatigued this causes altered running technique which places extra load through different areas of the leg, including the shin. By strengthening your feet you can help prevent this and reduce the load travelling up through the shin.

#3 Keep your Footwear Consistent

If you are someone who likes to change your running shoes very often and are noticing you’re suffering with shin pain this could be a factor. Every shoe is made slightly different which again places increased stressors on the shin depending on what way they are made. It is best that you find a shoe that you like and are comfortable in while running and stick with that. This helps with the maintenance of a more consistent loading pattern.

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